OFI Supported Living Services

Participants Living Independently

OFI's Supported Living Services (SLS) was created in 2003 when we saw the need and desire of many participants to live independently. Individuals in our SLS program may come from their parents' homes, group homes and other facilities. Our program is guided by a commitment to promote the inherent dignity and individual autonomy of persons with disabilities and to support their full inclusion and participation in the community.

Our trained staff help individuals to live in their own homes with all the rights, safety, choices, power, and control that this implies. We do this by offering specialized services, tailored to the individual, that meet their unique critical needs, with respect and dignity. We also work with individuals to build an effective Circle of Support, leading to greater community integration. Presently, OFI provides SLS to 25 individuals throughout Marin County.

Program services include: