Subaru, Scott and Gavin

Subaru, Scott and Gavin
The Marin Subaru family is proud to include OFI as part of our family. Over the last 20 years these wonderful individuals have provided excellent service and countless memories. Watching them grow has enabled us to grow both as an organization and individually. Scott has been with us since the beginning over 20 years ago. His transformation has been nothing short of awesome. We are blessed.Ed Rossi
Owner, Marin Subaru

OFI has worked with Marin Subaru for almost 20 years, providing two competitive employment positions for individuals with disabilities at their popular San Rafael location. Scott, a participant in our STEP program has been employed by Marin Subaru for 17 years. Along with another OFI participant Gavin and an OFI job coach, they provide janitorial support throughout the business.

This long-term relationship has provided a consistent and rewarding employment opportunity for individuals who might typically struggle to find regular employment in the community. The longevity of this working relationship is a testament to the value that individuals like Scott and Gavin can bring to a company.

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