Mission & Values

Opportunity for Independence envisions a world where all individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are able to exercise their right to self-determination and realize their aspirations.


Opportunity for Independence (OFI) advocates self-determination for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by offering an array of individualized innovative services and behavioral supports to promote happy healthy lives.

Core Values

Self-determination - OFI believes in self-determination – the right to make one's own choices and exert control over one's life. Persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have the same right to self-determination as everyone else. They have the right to set goals, make choices, make decisions, be heard on issues that affect their well-being, explore opportunities to learn, take risks, problem solve, self-direct services and advocate for themselves.

Compassion - OFI believes that compassion is central to all that it does as an organization. Compassion is love in action. It is a response of kindness based on the awareness that all life is interconnected and should be respected. It is both a feeling deep inside and a way of acting towards others. Compassion allows us to use our own pain and the pain of others as a vehicle for connection and healing.

Mindfulness - OFI believes that mindfulness is foundational to high quality services and caring positive relationships. Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present that allows for authentic listening and understanding to take place. By using mindful speech and action, a person is able to respond skillfully, compassionately and with positive intention to whatever needs attention in the moment. Mindfulness is beneficial; it positively impacts relationships and can reduce negative feelings, reactivity and fatigue.

Dignity of Risk - OFI believes in "Dignity of Risk." Dignity of Risk honors a person's right to make an informed choice to experience life and take advantage of opportunities for learning, developing competencies and independence and, in doing so, to take a calculated risk. OFI believes that people learn from everyday risk and respects the right of persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to take appropriate and reasonable risks.

Innovation - OFI believes in delivering innovative high quality services and supports to persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. We embrace person-centered thinking and collaborative problem solving that leads to unique and individualized solutions. Our programs are dynamic and integrate emerging new practices while encouraging staff innovation.

Advocacy - OFI believes in promoting and protecting the human rights of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities through advocacy and action.

Collaboration - OFI believes in a culture of collaboration. Through collaborative teamwork we listen to diverse perspectives, discover new ideas and weave together the wisdom that comes from our partnerships to invent solutions to complex issues.