Benefits to Your Business

The benefit of hiring our workers is that it makes good business sense. They are hard-working, consistent and enhance your workplace, as they are always positive and excited about the job. We are an untapped resource in a market that is struggling to find workers. The turnover rates are incredibly low, our absenteeism rates are low, and that lowers hiring and training costs. Our workers bring unique experiences to the workplace, which can help businesses improve productivity and in some cases lower costs. The Job Coach, a no cost trainer, works side by side with the employees to offer ongoing support and to ensure that the job is completed correctly and on schedule. That Job Coach is there to assist the worker in all aspects of the job and to help that worker succeed. The Job Coach also becomes a resource for other employees.

Companies that employ individuals with disabilities set themselves apart, as it highlights inclusiveness. This can enhance your brand and improve your image. A high percentage of customers, when asked, say they prefer to do business with companies that hire individuals with disabilities. As a result, businesses also see improved customer satisfaction. Hiring workers with disabilities can help to open a company up to new markets. According to the Department of Labor, people with disabilities and their networks represent a trillion dollar market segment and a lasting customer base.

In summary, hiring workers with disabilities gives your company a great return on your investment, improves products and services and improves your brand image while expanding your markets.